Altar Servers

Dedicated, responsible youth in grades 5 - 8 assist the priest in the celebration of Mass and other worship services: weddings, funerals, confirmation, etc. Periodic meetings will be held for training. This is an excellent way for the young people to be involved in the Liturgy, and is a stepping stone to future involvement in the Liturgy, such as Eucharistic Ministers and Lectors.

Contact: Gene Kania, 630-665-8365

Art & Environment Ministry

Responsible for the “atmosphere,” “mood” and “climate” of liturgical celebrations. A variety of talents needed. Imagination, creativity, design, sewing, painting, crafts, floral arranging, and manpower all are welcome.

Contact: Mavis Langan, 630-400-2544

Bereavement Ministry & Funeral Planning Team

Assists families in the days immediately following a loved one’s death by providing general pastoral care and helping the family plan the funeral liturgy.

Contact: Cathy Swanson, 630-220-9326

Eucharistic Adoration

Volunteers are needed as weekly adorers, substitutes, and coordinators for our perpetual Eucharistic Adoration Chapel! Of course, even though you commit to an hour, understandably things come up, and so it is merely a matter of finding a substitute when you are not able to be present for your time slot. Please don’t let the possibility of an occasional conflict prevent you from signing up.

Contact: Janet Piszyk, 630-656-4234

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Help the priest and deacon to distribute the Body and Blood of Jesus with reverence and dignity. Volunteers must be at least 16 years old and are always welcome!

Contact: Cathy Swanson, 630-220-9326 or Maribeth Spittler, 630-220-0939

Laundering of Church Linens

Launder albs, small linens such as purificators, corporals, etc.

Contact: Kathie Duguay, 630-621-8080

Mass Coordinators

Our Mass Coordinators work behind the scenes preparing our sacred vessels, checking that we have all the necessary volunteers prior to Mass, and preparing all other items for Mass. Training is given as needed.

Contact: Maribeth Spittler, 630-220-0939

Ministers of Hospitality (Ushers)

Our ushers faithfully greet parishioners as they arrive, guide people to their seats, pass out worship aids and bulletins, assist with the offertory collections, guide the lines for Communion, and other responsibilities. We offer ongoing personal training, and all ages are welcome!

Contact: Steve Schultz, 630-682-8429

Ministers of the Word (Lectors)

This ministry is open to those interested in proclaiming the Word of God at liturgies and days of celebration. The lector presents the great eternal message proclaimed in Scripture. We offer ongoing personal training. New volunteers are always welcome!

Contact: Doug Weglarz, 630-871-8691

Music Ministry

Beautiful music lifts the mind towards God during the liturgy. Whether you are an adult, student, singer, or musician, consider lending your talents to enhance our music ministry. CLICK HERE for more information!

Wedding Hostesses

Our wedding hostesses assist the bridal party on the day of the wedding and assist with the rehearsal on the evening before the wedding. Schedules for your time are flexible and are set several months in advance. Our busy season is usually from April till October.

Contact: Maribeth Spittler, 630-220-0939