Parish Pastoral Council Defined

The Saint Michael Parish Pastoral Council exists to advise and assist the Pastor in leading the Parish in creating focus and establishing direction to create a vision for the future, to identify a clear mission and to develop long and short-term goals for the Parish. It is responsible to see that the mission of the Parish is lived and that the elements of parish life are supported.

“As a group of Christian leaders, the council is witness to the parish that diverse belief, values and expectations can be pulled together and when needed, barriers can be removed. The Council models Christianity-in-action, strives to be a faith-filled community and is caring and responsive to itself as well as to the parish at large. It makes decisions and serves the parish community in a spirit of collaboration, with the entire faith community in mind.”[1]

“The effectiveness of the council gives witness to how the laity can be empowered in a parish and, through its work, how vitally alive the parish can be. To be effective, a council:

  1. Is in touch with the pulse of the whole parish, the movement of the Spirit among all God’s people

  2. Understands and actively promotes the mission of evangelization in the Parish.

  3. Ensures that the plans and actions of the parish and its ministries are aligned with the parish’s mission and goals.

  4. Works flexibly for a unified vision within the parish.

  5. Creatively engages the whole parish to be a Church of Missionary Disciples in the modern world and specifically in Wheaton, Illinois.

Current Council Members

[1] Diocese of Joliet. “Parish Pastoral Council Guidelines”, Office of the Bishop ver 6 2014

Sean Lazzari, Parish Council President, Contact: 630-344-9492 or

Meeting Agenda

December 2018

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