Forms for Volunteers. Please return to Thecla Rettberg in the Parish Office
Volunteer Forms for Adults
How to Register for Virtus Training (Also known as Protecting God’s Children)

Blood Drive

Sponsored by the Knights of Columbus and held quarterly.

Blood Pressure Screening

In order to promote holistic health, the parish nurse and other health professional volunteers screen blood pressure once each month before and after weekend Masses: Saturday from 4:30pm-6:30pm and Sunday 8:00am-noon.

ContactThecla Rettberg, RN, Parish Nurse or 630-462-5042

Cancer Survivor Support Ministry

Provides comfort, fellowship and support (both spiritual and emotional) to those who have experienced cancer and are on the journey that follows. Meetings are usually held the first Thursday of the month from 6:30pm - 8:00pm. Cancer survivors share past and current experiences of their journey. This ministry seeks to lighten the burden of those who have experienced cancer, as well as their families, by focusing on various possibilities and God’s unending love for us. Participants include members from outside our Parish.      

Contact: Thecla Rettberg, RN or 630-462-5042

Divorced and Beyond

The 10-week self-help group meets weekly and is focused on working through the grief and mourning process. The objective is to facilitate the process of healing and growth. 

Contact: Deacon Dan Aderholdt or 630-234-8704

Flu Shot Program

Offered annually in late October on a Sunday from 8:30a.m.-Noon. Organized by the parish nurse. Registration is encouraged.

Contact: Thecla Rettberg, RN or 630-462-5042.

Grief Support Ministry

This ministry assists people who are mourning the death of a loved one or friend and seeking to celebrate their life with dignity and respect. Providing genuine concern and faith-filled support for the survivor. Facilitators use the Seasons of Hope program. Meetings are typically held one Tuesday a month from 6:30pm-8:00pm. The sessions encourage participants with lessons from Christ about loss, using Scripture, prayer, offering reflection, activities and faith sharing.

Contact: Deacon Dan Aderhodlt, 630-234-8704 or Thecla Rettberg, RN, 630-462-5042

Health Resource/Referral

The parish nurse serves individual parishioners and their families as a holistic health resource provider and educator. As a team of spiritual advocates, the parish nurse works in close conjunction with the pastor and parochial vicar during parishioners’ short or long term health related issues. Provides support through education on health and wellness issues of concern to the general population. It is a growing ministry that has a large base of resources to draw from for health and wellness programs and seminars.

Contact: Thecla Rettberg, RN or 630-462-5042

Mass Transit Ministry

This ministry provides registered parishioners, upon request, transportation to and from Sunday services. The ministry is temporarily on hold due to lack of driver volunteers; if interested in volunteering please contact Thecla Rettberg, Parish Nurse

Contact: Thecla Rettberg, RN, 630-462-5042

Meal Makers Ministry

This ministry provides families with newborn babies, high risk pregnant moms and other parishioners in need with healthy meals.  Please prayerfully consider signing up to help provide the meals OR if you are in need of meals for you and your family.

Contact: Anastasia Vasko at 630-403-2137 or Thecla Rettberg, RN, 630-462-5042

Military Ministry

Prays for and supports parishioners with a family member or relative currently in the armed services, military academy, or R.O.T.C. program.

Contact: Anne Sambo, or 630-202-4766

Ministers of Care/Nursing Home Ministry

This ministry offers Christ’s presence and that of the St. Michael community by providing spiritual support to the elderly, shut-ins, and those recuperating from hospital stays. A trained Minister of Care is assigned to each parishioner in need, bringing the Eucharist and offering prayers and support for their well-being through listening, presence and friendship.

Contact: Thecla Rettberg, RN, or 630- 462-5042

Nourish for Caregivers Ministry

The Nourish meetings reconvene in the fall but in the meantime, watch our partners’ new “Be Nourished” series on Shalom World TV, the Shalom World app, or any streaming device (e.g., Apple TV, Roku, etc.). "Be Nourished" has the feel of sitting down with a good friend and sharing the ups & downs, joys & disappointments of the caregiving journey.

Contact: Thecla Rettberg, RN, or 630- 462-5042

Nursing Home Ministry

Ministers bring the Eucharist to residents at the Wheaton Care Center after 9:00a.m. Mass each Sunday. Volunteers go in pairs and serve approximately every week. This ministry also assists with Mass set-up for our Pastor or Parochial Vicar who celebrates Mass on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month and for a Prayer Service lead by the Deacon on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Tuesday of the month at the Wheaton Care Center.

Contact:  Thecla Rettberg, RN, Parish Nurse

Prayer Shawl Ministry

THROUGH THE WORK OF OUR HANDS! Several parishioners gather the third Saturday of each month to knit or crochet prayer shawls. These shawls are prayed over as they are being made, and one of our priests or deacons blesses them when completed. They are given freely as a gift to anyone in need, both in our parish family and in the greater community. We offer three sizes: adult, baby and bookmark, and all are available for pick-up in the parish office. The Prayer Shawl Ministry is open to everyone, and we have several members who can assist those who are new to the craft.

Contact: Thecla Rettberg, RN, 630-462-5042  or Barb Loiacono